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Ender's Game and Shadow to be made into comics



New Comic Series Presenting the Multi-Award-Winning
Collection of Novels, Overseen by Card Himself

Marvel Comics to Launch First Issue in Fall 2008

New York, NY- April 21, 2008, Marvel Comics, a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., and Orson Scott Card announced at the New York Comic Convention this weekend that the award-winning novel series ENDER’S GAME will be published as a comic book series thru Marvel’s Best-Selling Authors line. The first limited series installment, ENDER’S GAME, will be adapted by comic book and animation writer Chris Yost, drawn by Pasqual Ferry, and overseen by Card himself. This highly anticipated project debuts in comic stores in the fall.

According to the Marvel.com interview (see YouTube link), OSC is making them as comics, so when it DOES get the film treatment, movie people will know exactly what he wants to happen.

If you already know, good for you. Tell all of us once the comics are out.

EK 8 )
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