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Intro Post

  • What's your name (real name or LiveJournal username--whichever you prefer)? Dawn
  • How old are you? 27
  • Where are you? Chicago
  • Why are you here? OSC is my favorite Author
  • How were you first introduced to Orson Scott Card? What was the first OSC work you read and when did you read it? My bf in hs suggested I might like Ender's Game. and I am a picky reader, but I loved it. That was probably like 96 or 97.
  • List all the OSC works you have read (find a list here). I have read and own every book he has written except the Alvin Series. I couldn't dig it awhile back and am thinking of giving alvin another try soon.
  • What is your favorite OSC work? Why? Wow, I don't know. Ender is awesome but I can't say thats my favorite. I have read Pastwatch, Songmaster, Heartsong, and Wyrms at least 10 times each.  
  • Which OSC work have you not read yet, but especially want to?
  • What other authors or books do you enjoy? I like mostly modern day vamp stuff and I also read historical fiction. I am attempting Jane Austen's works right now.
  • Anything else you would like to add? I am a housewife, mommy, gamer for life, mostly FPS on 360, and I am also in love with Jasmine Toad's art.
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