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Review: Ender's Game comic book

So I made sure to read issue one of Ender's Game last night before I went to bed. I have a brief review of it, and I guess there's not really a spoiler alert necessary since I assume everyone here has read the novel, but I don't want to spoil your experience reading this comic book for yourself, so click with caution.

I don't think it worked very well, the translation across mediums. I feel as if I had to provide too many of the details linking the scenes together, and I am not sure if someone who has not read the novel would understand what is going on. The art is very good, and the scriptwriter made sure to include many of the lines I remember most from the beginning three chapters of the book ("Lost your birdie, thirdie, got a bandage on your neck"), but the big question for me is if someone unfamiliar with the book could follow what was happening and why. I am not sure they could. For example, when Graff comes to get Ender, he says, "We had to make sure you weren't another..." and then trails off. I know and you know he meant to end with "Peter," but I don't think the right groundwork has been lain. Another example, Valentine comes to the breakfast table and Peter asks if she has another oral exam today, then says "It's better than an a-" and she cuts him off there with "Don't finish that sentence." Would you understand what was supposed to follow from that if you hadn't read the book?

Another (minor) gripe of mine is that they are using the updated terms for the buggers ("Formics"). I understand that "buggery" is not a term Marvel was probably comfortable with (although, really, who even uses the word "buggery" to mean what buggery means anymore? My high school students never know the term when we read it.), but "Formics" lacks something of the necessary mood. I understand why Graff would call them "Formics" but think it unlikely Peter would refer to Ender as a "Formic-lover" after their game.

So I am sure I will buy the other issues in the series, but I am not as thrilled with the result as I had hoped to be. At the same time, of course, I was not sure I'd like the comic book version at all, but it is still nice to have a visual medium to accompany the text. And all things considered, I am not sure I'll like the movie much either - how can it hope to compare with the book?

I'm intrerested in your responses and your own reviews after you've read it :)
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I just picked it up today and read a few pages secretly in my office and was immediately confused with the reference to "Formics". That explains it. Yeah that will probably get annoying.

Will let you know what I think after I've read it. :)