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"In the Village" opinion column by OSC

Since I don't live in Utah, I had never heard of the "Mormon Times"--a weekly insert in the Deseret News. It's disclaimer states that it is not an "official" publication of the LDS Church, so I think it's fair to say that it's has more to do with Mormon culture than religion. A few months ago the News started including it with the weekly "Church News".

It looks like Orson Scott Card is contributing a weekly column, called "In the Village". Here's a quote from last week's column, titled "Are New Puritans Gaining?"

"... we can see the growth of a powerful new religion.

A fanatical religion -- one that does not proselytize so much as insist that it is already the established church, to which all others must bow and make way.

It is a religion at war with all others, confident of victory, contemptuous of any church that does not fight them, savage against any that shows a sign of resistance.

Its adherents feel themselves to have risen so far above all other faiths that they claim they are not a religion at all -- they are post-religious. Therefore the rules that govern the behavior of other religions in a multifaith society do not apply to them.

They refuse to admit that they even exist. Instead, they claim to believe in "science," though they have no idea what the methodology of good science is, and reject the findings of science when they contradict treasured dogmas."
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